Sissy Slave Boss – I’m sure you will agree it was inevitable that one day your only focus would become me – your Mistress. And that your life would be devoted only to being my sissy slave. But how did it start, you ask? You know very well how it started, my sissy slave. But I know how much you love to hear the story. Since it’s a special day – our anniversary of becoming sissy slave and Mistress I’ll tell you your favorite erotic story again. Once you’re in your usual position at my feet, I’ll start.

Yes, we were fated to be Mistress and sissy slave. But it didn’t happen overnight, did it little one? Our story is about how it started, how I made you my sissy slave, and how much you love it.  And, of course, how it makes us happy.

You probably remember that it started long before you even knew you were a sissy, much less a sissy slave boss. It was very obvious to me, though, that you needed to belong to a very dominant female. And spend your life serving her with the singular focus of making her happy.  Maybe one day even being a sissy slave boss?


Waiting For My Instructions


How did I know this? When we were both employed with the same company, we worked together a lot. And every time I called you into my office you looked like you were fighting the instinct to get immediately to your knees. I imagine that if you had, you would have also waited with your eyes down for my instructions.  Just like a good sissy slave boss.

It was fun to watch you squirm in your chair while we went over boring reports and project plans. It was even more fun to walk into your office unexpectedly and watch you try to hide how flustered you were. From the outside, it must have appeared that I was clearly the manager and you were the nervous, eager to please subordinate. Which was not the case at all. Was it, my former Boss?

I knew of course that you were infatuated with me – and maybe on your way to being a sissy slave boss. That’s nothing new. Half of the guys in the office had crushes on me. They liked my intelligence and confidence. And of course my perfect tits, long legs, and wavy red hair. I, of course, showed these assets off every day in short skirts, tight blouses, and high heels. What can I say? I like the attention!


Sissy Slave Boss With a Mistress


Although I suspected you would be happiest and most fulfilled as a sissy slave boss with a mistress, it never occurred to me that I would be that mistress. You weren’t exactly my type and of course, there was the fact that you were my boss. Plus, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be a Mistress – it seemed like a lot of work! Fortunately, out of curiosity – or more likely because your obsession stroked my ego, I was willing to help you figure out exactly what you are and what you were going to do about the fact that you were destined to be a sissy slave boss.

At the risk of looking like you were seduced into being a sissy,  I thought it might be fun to start out on a regular date. Maybe dinner… and maybe more. You know, just for research purposes. So, after everyone else had gone home and we were alone in the office, I headed to the only other light on.

You were sitting in your chair but instead of also sitting down, I walked over behind your desk and stood over you. It just seemed like the right thing to do to a sissy slave boss. I was glad I wore my highest pumps that day. Not the most comfortable shoes but they really do make a statement! Little did I know that this dinner would not go as I had expected. Ok, maybe I should have expected everything that happened…


Well, my sexy perverts – what do you think so far?


What do you think will happen at dinner? Does our mistress ever get to take off those uncomfortable but very sexy high heels? And does our sissy slave boss remain, well, her work boss? Do we ever figure out who is actually the boss? Let me know what you think in the comments below.  I’d love for you to stick around for the rest of the series…

And also make sure to listen to my audio sissy slave preview too!


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Fun femdom fantasies Roxie (800) 601-6975


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