Anal Pleasure Toys


Hello again, my sexy perverts! This week we’re continuing our break from our Mistress and Her Sissy Slave story for something a little different – we’re going to talk about anal pleasure toys.


As some of you may know from experience, pleasuring the anus happens in several ways. First, the little starfish of an entrance is full of very sensitive nerve endings.

If you explore a little deeper, there are muscles that can also be stimulated. But the best part is for those who possess a prostate. When stimulated, it can produce intense pleasure and even orgasm. And, as I’ve said before, your hand or a finger can get the job done but a toy can make the experience so much better.



Dildos of Your Very Own


There was a time, a very bleak and misandric time when dildos were seen as only toys for women. Apparently, phallic-shaped objects made of silicone were only suitable for vaginal penetration. This made me wonder, “what did those who owned a prostate use as an anal pleasure toy?” I suppose that they had two choices. One, to use a lady’s sex toy in secret shame. Or, two – to use some sort of hastily assembled DIY option.

Neither of these options sounds particularly conducive to having a mind-blowing orgasm, though. But now, we have a whole new world of anal pleasure toys. No more penetrating yourself in secret with a pink dildo. Or a carrot. Unless you want to, of course. Now you can enjoy all of the butt gratification that you want with dignity and self-respect. Unless you’re not into dignity and self-respect, of course.

Dildos are now available in a larger variety of sizes and styles. Not only are many of them made with wider bases (usually fake balls) which makes for a safer experience. You all know how I feel about butt toy safety. But they’re also available in MUCH larger sizes. You men can be such size queens. One would rarely if ever, see a woman walk into an adult toy store and ask for an extra thick 11-inch dildo. Unless she was a Mistress and needed something bigger for her strap-on. And I’ve never heard a guy tell me that he preferred something on the smaller side.


Anal Pleasure Toys are the Key to Amazing Orgasms


A prostate massager, so I’m told, is the key to stronger, amazing orgasms. This is because you are stimulating the prostate which is a gland that is located two or three inches inside your anus. It is full of nerve endings and when stimulated, it can lead to earth-shattering orgasms that you feel all over your body.

Being that’s lurking several inches inside, the prostate can be hard to find or to reach. This is why it’s best to locate it with a prostate stimulator. That’s what they’re meant to do with their specific shape and size. Because of that, all of them are pretty similar. But there are a few variations. Most of them are vibrating anal pleasure toys, but some remain quite still. Some models are small for beginners, while others are big enough for you size queens. And best of all, a lot of them are shaped to stimulate your perineum. A second, sneaky way to reach that prostate.

There is anecdotal evidence that massaging your “male g-spot” can give you harder, longer-lasting erections. This may be one reason that sales of prostate massagers have increased so much in the last few years. But I have another theory. Straight, cis-gendered men have chilled quite a bit in their refusal to put anal pleasure toys or anything else in their butts. Probably because a lot of men have decided that butt-toy play doesn’t actually “make you gay.”

Now that you’re ready to join my butt-boy club, keep a few things in mind. First, start small and work your way up to a size that works best for you. Second, use lots of lube. And most importantly, don’t worry if you don’t love it right away. Sometimes it can take a few attempts to fully relax and get comfortable with the idea of prostate stimulation.


Remote Toys


So what are these wireless, remote-controlled anal pleasure toys? And why should everyone who has a prostate have one? First, it’s so much fun. Even on your own! Getting yourself off via an app that controls your toy means that you actually don’t need any hands on the toy. This means that you can use your hands elsewhere on your body that gives you pleasure. Or you can hold your phone and watch porn. But best of all, you can use those idle hands to call your Mistress Roxie and I will control your anal pleasure toy.

Yes, it is true! I did say that I will control your toy. You will give up control and I will be in charge of the settings, the intensity, and all of the features of your toy. And then, of course, I will mercilessly tease you until you are begging for an orgasm.


“So, what do I need to get started?”


To do this, you need a toy that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and an app that lets you connect to another person remotely. My favorite company is Lovense, but there are dozens of others too. So, go! Now! And buy yourself a remote anal pleasure toy. Then, the only thing left to do in your quest for anal bliss is to call me so I can take more control over your pleasure than ever before!


Well, my sexy perverts…


Are you ready to take the plunge into remote-controlled toys?  I hope you are! Or, let me know in the comments if you already have some of these toys.

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