Potential Sissy Slave

I walked into your office and stood over you while you seemed to physically shrink in your chair.  Of course, you didn’t actually grow smaller, but you did noticeably take up less space in my extra close presence.  This looked like the completely involuntary act of a
potential sissy slave.  And unexpectedly, it triggered quite a reaction in me as well.  It was the first time your actions made me feel dominant rather than just amused and entertained. And I wasn’t completely sure I liked how I felt. 

To be honest, I was a little conflicted since, as I said before, you weren’t my type and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to be a mistress.   Even a potential sissy slave felt like a huge commitment.  And although I had good instincts, I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I’d kind of been making it up as I went along.  And you were, in fact, my boss – and a pretty good one at that.  I loved my job and I didn’t want that to change.    


But as before, my curiosity and my ego won out


I would at least help you figure out exactly what you are and what you need.  And what we were going to do about it.  I mean, what you were going to do about it!  I heard you say, “Are you okay, Roxie?”  Looking a little confused and even a bit amused, you made me realize that I had been standing there mulling over all of those things in my mind for an odd amount of time.  Instead of answering my potential sissy slave, I just said “you’re taking me to dinner tonight.” 

You of course didn’t protest.  In fact, you looked thrilled.  No, ecstatic was more like it.  We headed to my favorite sushi place and got a table with some privacy.  Even though you were still very much a potential sissy slave,  you were a little more at ease outside of the office and for a while, we talked about normal things.  We gossiped about co-workers and we both laughed a lot.  

We were having more fun together than I expected.  But I knew you were wondering why we were there together since I had never shown any interest in you before.  Being the potential sissy slave, you let me take the lead, and soon enough, I started letting you in on my thoughts.  


An Overwhelming Need


I let you know that I have always noticed your overwhelming need to please me and your desire for me.  This made you blush even though you surely knew that I must have been aware of your feelings.  It wasn’t as if you had ever been able to hide the fact that you were a potential sissy slave.  You had been unconsciously submitting to me without us even discussing it. And I realized then that in turn, I had been unknowingly dominating you in small ways.  

Maybe somehow I already knew that I was one day going to own you completely and that I would allow you to obey, serve and worship me.  And that you would gladly give up all of your power to me and even sacrifice for me.  Even at dinner that night, you were already looking to me for cues of what to do and how to behave. I didn’t know a lot about you outside of work and I didn’t even know you very well other than how much you clearly wanted to serve me. 

So I asked you for your social media logins – and not the vanilla ones.  I wanted the ones that no one knew about and would show me the real you.  You blushed an even brighter red and gave me the Reddit username “roxies_sissy_slave.”  I rolled my eyes and entered it into my phone. 


Your eyes cast down in embarrassment


You must have belonged to every sissy, femdom, panty-boy, chastity, and tease and denial subreddit there was.  And you waited patiently with your eyes cast down in embarrassment while I took my time scrolling through everything.  None of it was really completely new to me but as a potential sissy slave, you were clearly an expert in those areas.  By the time I had investigated each one of your sissy fetishes, I realized that my panties were soaking wet.  But I didn’t tell you that.

I put my phone down and looked up at you.  You struggled to meet my eyes but you did your best.  “Why haven’t you taken any action on any of this?” I asked.  “Who says I haven’t, “ you replied.  You went on, “as a potential sissy slave, all of that mainly lives in my fantasies but some of it I’ve made happen.”  You then asked me to come to your house and you would show me what you meant.  It seemed that since I knew a little about you, you were suddenly eager for me to know the rest.  So, I said, “okay, let’s go.” 


What Do You Think?


So, my sexy perverts, how do you like part two?  And what do you think our sissy slave wanted to show his mistress at his apartment?  Most importantly, do you think she spent the night?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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