Cuckold Boyfriend


Sweetheart, we need to talk. How long have we been together?  Almost four years? Wow. That’s a really long time. 

A long time for me to be, well, unsatisfied sexually. Yes, you heard me right.  I knew you had a relatively small dick whenever we got together but I thought I wouldn’t mind because you’re such a great guy.  I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal since you’re so sweet and so good to me. We’ve had some good times and a lot of laughs and in most ways, you’re a wonderful boyfriend.

But, I just can’t do it anymore. I miss cock SO much.  Of course, I know that you do technically have a dick.  It’s just too small.  It’s not even average-sized – it’s below average.  Definitely below average.  And certainly small enough to make me want to cuckold my boyfriend!

I also crave a guy with a dominant personality and just the perfect little touch of aggression in bed. So different from your submissive and passive demeanor.  It’s fun to dominate you, but I just need a man to dominate me for a change.   


You Can’t Satisfy Me


I need to stop pretending that you can satisfy me.  Because you can’t.  You never have been able to.  What I need is something you just can’t give me.  Because what I really need is a big thick, long cock. And I need to make you my cuckold boyfriend!

I crave that so much. I just need to feel that inside me. Stretching me out and filling me up.  Oh my God. I want that so badly. It’s all I think about every time you’re inside me (well, I think you’re inside me.  It’s hard to tell because I can’t really feel it)

Oh…  you look so sad. I don’t want you to feel too bad about this. After all, it’s not really your fault. You can’t help it. You were just very unlucky.  

It’s great that you’ve taken the time and gone to the effort of getting pretty good at eating pussy. And I appreciate that. I really do.  But – and this may be hard to hear – my ex-boyfriend with the monster dick was really good at eating pussy too. Like, really good – as good as you!  My point is that guys with big cocks can eat pussy really well too.  You may have thought it was a way to compensate for having a tiny dick, but it’s not.  


You Can Make This Right


It’s probably clear by now that I cannot bear the thought of one more day without a massive cock inside me. And I also can’t stand having your little nub inside me one more time.  I love you sweetie, but that’s just the truth.  

But you can make this up to me – you can make this right.  How?  Well, I have a proposal for you. I would like to start seeing this guy that I met at work. And by “seeing, I mean fucking”  Don’t say no, just yet.  You owe it to me to at least hear me out. 

Oh, wow!  That was quick.  So you’re okay with it.  I thought this would be a long discussion or maybe even a fight. But, it almost seems like you’ve thought about this before.  You must have already known you weren’t satisfying me.  And you knew that I deserved better.  You want to be my cuckold boyfriend!

I worry, though.  Are you sure you won’t feel bad? Because this guy has a huge cock. It’s like 3 times as long as yours.  And so much thicker.  

Oh, you want to know how I already know that?  Mmmm.. a good guess?  Maybe I heard it through office gossip?  Not buying that? Ok. here’s the truth. 

To Be Continued…



Well, My Sexy Perverts – What Do You Think the Truth is?


  I have a good idea but I can’t wait to find out!  And I can’t wait to see what is next for this cuckold boyfriend!

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