Cuckold Sex


Well, ok –  here’s the truth.  I’ve seen it once or twice. Up close and personal.  Do you remember that time that I got really dressed up and said I was going out with my girlfriends? And when I came home it was really late and you commented that I looked really disheveled and just kind of a mess? 

You didn’t seem to know what was going on or what I had been doing.  But you didn’t ask a lot of questions which was kind of nice. I had tried to sneak in and go to bed but it didn’t work.  Little did you know then that I was having cuckold sex!


Wow – You’re SO Wet!


Do you remember when I came to bed that night and you like started touching me, playing with my nipples, and massaging my breasts sweetly and submissively as you do?  And then you put a finger in my pussy.  You commented that I was way wetter than usual.  You said something like “wow – you’re SO wet!”   And I said, “yes, I must be really excited from being out with my friends.” I guess you bought my story because you said that you really wanted to eat my pussy and make me cum.    

I was already super satisfied from the pounding I got from that huge cock.  But, even though I hesitated for a minute knowing what you were going to find there, I let you do it anyway.  And of course, you commented again that I was really wet  AND that I tasted different.  But you also said that you didn’t mind it.  And that you kind of liked it.   

And then, for one last time, I let you put your little dick inside of me. And even though you didn’t say anything, you must have noticed that my pussy had clearly been stretched open by something really large. From having amazing cuckold sex. You didn’t know at the time that you were putting your tongue, your fingers, and your little dick inside of me very soon after my friend from work came inside me. More than once! 


I Really Didn’t Expect That


That night you pretty much just cleaned up all of his come from me.  And – oh my god, sweetheart!  Your little dick – it’s gotten so hard!  Wow, I really didn’t expect that. Wait – what?  You’re not mad?  And you’d like to clean me up again, like every time?  I’m so glad that you’re into it!  Hmm. Well, I have an idea.  You should come with me or maybe I’ll invite him over and you could actually watch me having cuckold sex. Do you think you’d like that?  I bet you really would!

Well, you know that I probably would not be able to resist the urge to have, you get your little dick out. No – get completely naked.  And then we can compare your two cocks.  It will be so funny to see side by side how big his is and how little yours is.  

And then you can watch from the corner where you’ll be naked and on your knees.  But maybe not completely naked – I might have you put on a pair of panties for us!   After he thoroughly uses all of my holes and you’ve watched him make me cum over and over and make me make sounds you’ve never even heard you can clean me up while he watches.  


I Think You’re Really Going to Like it!


I realize that might be kind of humiliating for you to be around him with his big cock and knowing that he knows how small you are.  But I think you’re really going to like it. Do you know how I know this?  It’s because your dick is getting harder and harder the more we talk about it.  

You know, sweetheart, I think that this cuckold sex thing is going to work out even better than I thought it would!




Well, My Sexy Perverts – What Did You Think?


  I think this cuckold and his girlfriend are going to have a lot of fun!

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