Submissive Sissy Slave


I wanted to create some structure so that, especially in the beginning, we would know what to expect from each other.  Above all, I wanted our rules to benefit both of us and to outline expectations that would help sustain and ensure growth for this dynamic. Also, because any Mistress/Subby Slave relationship is going to be very complex, we both made a serious commitment to open and honest communication.  


Well, my sexy perverts, as promised, here are more of the submissive sissy slave rules you’ve been waiting for!  You just thought there were a lot of rules before…


Rules for a submissive sissy slave 


  • Your attire and appearance will be entirely at the discretion of your Mistress and will most of the time reflect a feminine and sexy appearance
  • Although your Mistress has the final say in your daily look, you will be responsible for choosing an outfit that you believe will please her as she will have the final say
  • As previously stated, your default “outfit” at home will always be a micro thong/g-string.  However, your Mistress will often add to this submissive sissy slave rule or change this requirement with clothing, shoes, makeup, hairstyles, etc
  • You will be responsible for learning what clothing, makeup, and hairstyles look good on you and also please your Mistress
  • You will shop for most of these items together with your Mistress who will approve the purchases
  • We will continue your sissy training program that you already have in place but will incorporate beginner-level cock-sucker and anal training.  Expect to be given sissy training assignments on a regular basis     


Rules for Sex, Pleasure, and Chastity


  • Your body is no longer your own – it belongs to me
  • You will work out at the gym at least four days a week.  This submissive sissy slave rule is meant to maintain your attractive, athletic physique for your own well-being as well as your Mistress’ pleasure.  You will wear a fitness tracker that will allow me to monitor your progress via an app
  • You will always sit down to pee at home and also away from home when it is possible.  This will be a gesture of your submission to me and also an acknowledgment that you, as a submissive sissy slave, are not man enough to be allowed to pee standing up.  This also ensures that you will never make a mess or risk leaving the toilet seat up
  • I own your orgasms, your masturbation, and all of your other physical pleasures
  • Before you receive pleasure, you must always earn it
  • You will never touch your disappointingly average penis or any other part of your body in a way that causes arousal without my permission. If you want to touch yourself in this way, you must ask me first
  • If allowed, you will only experience the release of an orgasm after I and anyone else present are completely satisfied.  This submissive sissy slave rule will usually require you to give me several orgasms in any manner that I have chosen and also to please others as well on occasion
  • The majority of your orgasms will be given to yourself by stroking your disappointingly average penis while I and anyone else present watch
  • Before each orgasm, you will ask me for permission and you will wait for me to grant it before a release.  Expect much more tease and denial than orgasms 


Up next:  The last of the submissive sissy slave‘s sexy rules!


Ok, my sexy perverts – that’s a lot of submissive sissy slave rules, isn’t it…  Clearly your Mistress Roxie likes rules and finds them very arousing.  Especially the sexy ones that involve chastity.  And the sissy ones too.  I’m sure this is not a surprise to anyone!  In fact, if you ever wondered what it might be like to be Ms. Roxie’s personal sissy slave, this should give you a good idea! 

But more importantly, what do you think about these rules so far?  


Totally Lost?  Not sure what’s going on here? Don’t worry!  Head over to Part One:  A Sissy Slave Boss and read from the beginning.