Extreme Chastity and Humiliation


Hello again, my Sexy Perverts!  In honor of our site of the month, Chastity Hell I’ve been continuing to think about extreme chastity and the humiliation and torment aspects of it.  And today I have part two of my ideas for my own brand of humiliation and anguish for you.  If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here:  Extreme Chastity Humiliation – Part One.


Very (Very!) Long Term Extreme Chastity


But, I don’t think I can imagine a better way to torment you than the constant threat of permanent chastity.  You may like the idea of extreme chastity, but the thought of making it permanent is something entirely different.  Just because permanent chastity isn’t on the table doesn’t mean that I can’t threaten you with it, though!

Maybe when I’m in a particularly cruel mood, I’ll hide the keys somewhere in the house and tell you that if you can find them I’ll unlock you and you’ll be allowed to do anything you like to your lonely cock.  Unlimited touching and orgasms for the rest of the day. How wonderful would that be?  But what I won’t tell you is that they’re not in the house at all.  No matter how much you look you will never find them.  I’ll laugh while you become more and more desperate to find them.  


Chastity Mistakes Can Happen


What if I manage to “lose” the keys to your cage?  As careful as I am with them, mistakes can just happen sometimes.  I may be an excellent Mistress, but believe it or not, I’m not perfect.  But don’t worry, we’ll probably find them eventually.  Until then, just try to relax and get used to very long-term chastity.  

Of course, I’ll tease you mercilessly while you have no hope of being unlocked anytime soon. I will try my absolute best to keep your cock hard and straining against your cage as often as possible.  If I’m not with you,  throughout the day I’ll send you sexy selfies and texts mocking your inability to touch yourself or get any relief from your throbbing attempt of an erection.  And when you’re with me, I’ll be sure to walk around in my sexiest and skimpiest lingerie letting you look all you want but not touch me (or yourself). 


Extreme Chastity Torment With Toys 


While your cock is straining against its ever-present metal cage, I might as well use toys every chance I get to frustrate and torment you even more.  I can use a vibrator on the outside of the cage and on your swollen, aching balls.  And don’t for one minute think I’ll forget about causing you even more anguish by using butt toys and my strap-on on you.  

Since you can’t be unlocked, your only option for pleasure from now on will be prostate stimulation.  I’m not sure if you can cum from only anal penetration right now, but I bet you’ll eventually get so horny that you’ll absolutely learn to have an orgasm from getting fucked in the ass. 


And One More Act of Chastity Humiliation


Since you will be wearing the prettiest pink cage I could find, I know I won’t be able to resist the urge to share and show off your plight to all of my girlfriends while you are hopelessly locked up in extreme chastity.  They’ll love to laugh at you and your cute little dick all squeezed and locked into its little pink prison.  Will I take pictures and send them out in a group text?  Or will I invite them over and have you show them in person?  I guess you’ll have to just wait and see!


What Did You Think?


So, my sexy perverts – What did you think about my extreme chastity ideas?  Are you ready to explore extreme chastity humiliation and torment with me?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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