Hello My Sexy Perverts!


I wrote an article for our Sissy School site!  And I really like it.  Here is a little bit of it for you to read and you also can click below for an audio that has even more.  You can read the whole thing and find out more about your little clitty (and I hope you do!) here.



You know deep down in your sissy soul that only dominant, alpha men deserve to get hard and enjoy sexual pleasure whenever they want.  And you know that you should not be in charge of your own masturbation and pleasure; the source of which really needs to be locked away and ignored. When you do this you are likely to feel even more girly and submissive.  

If your penis is locked away, it can feel like it barely even exists. You no longer have a penis, you have a “little clitty.” Because of that, chastity could be the closest you may come to really feel like a girl.  And it leaves you free to explore an even deeper level of your feminity.  

Being in chastity can also create a big change in your mindset.   You will probably feel and act more submissive and you definitely won’t be able to experience pleasure and sexual satisfaction in the ways that you did before.  Ideally, you will begin to think of yourself as a sissy who only provides pleasure, while your own pleasure is rarely considered. 


And to hear me tell you more about sissy chastity, click the anachronistic lady below. 

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