Lesbian Cuckold Fantasy, In Public Of Course! 


Hey there!  Our very special treat continues this week because again, I bring you guest writer Rex.  As you may remember, his favorite kink seems to be cuckolding and  I was thrilled when he offered to write me a story about being cuckolded by a lesbian. In public!


Enjoy the Third Part of Rex’s Fantasy of Lesbian Cuckolding!



Question One involved sexual situations of the right kind; “Do I consider myself more dominant or more submissive?”  I was immediately sweating and my heart started racing as I fought with myself about how to handle this.  She was just staring at me, smiling.  “Submissive,” I whispered.  “But that’s …”  DD interrupted me and reminded me, “just an answer, no explanations.”  Then she added, “Good boy.” 

Question Two was, “Do you have cuckold fantasies.”  No expanding on the question, no modifiers, just an answer.  And she sat waiting, staring and smiling.  Now I was really in a panic, suddenly scared shitless but also excited as hell.  A million sensations at once, but nothing could penetrate the inner part of my brain that was saying to tell the truth.  Humans are supposed to have developed fight or flight responses, but prey animals also have a “give up” natural response. Somewhere, I must have that.  “Yes, sometimes,” I told her.

That brought a pat on my arm and the third question.  “Do you want Kay and me to cuckold you tonight?”  I stopped breathing, my mouth was slightly open, and I didn’t respond.  I understood that I should be yelling hell no, get away from me you fucking dyke.  But instead, I sat there dumbly – completely in a lesbian cuckold fantasy.  She leaned towards me, placing her hand on my thigh as she did. And then she whispered, “It’s ok, Alan, you can say it.  You can accept your fantasy fulfillment.  You can prove your love for Kay by showing that her pleasure is the most important thing to you.”


I Felt Something Fall Into My Lap


I couldn’t speak, but I nodded a yes to her.  She slapped my thigh, drained her IPA, and stood up.  Before she walked away she moved close to my side and whispered, “You hold on to these, Cucky. She doesn’t need them.”  I felt something light fall onto my lap as DD walked away.  I looked down to see red satin bikini panties.  Oh shit!

For the next couple of hours, I sat at that bar (with a couple of restroom breaks), drank, and ate some appetizers.  But more importantly, I tried to both watch Kay and DD and to not be obviously watching Kay and DD.  DD knew exactly what I was doing (and what she was doing), so I could often see them.  See them talking closely and touching each other as they did.  See them in a booth with some food, sitting close – is that one of DD’s arms below the table?  Later, dancing.  With a group at first, but then a slow song and the two of them close.  It was hard for me to see, as they worked their way to the back of the dance floor, but it wasn’t hard for me to imagine what was going on. They were also involved in their own lesbian cuckold fantasy.


Why wasn’t I doing anything? 


At one point, one of the outside sales guys from the company named Eric came up beside me to order his own drink.  After he got his drink, he turned to me and laughed a bit, shaking his head.  I looked at him like “what’s up with you?”, and he said, “Man if I’d known you and Kay didn’t mind her sharing it with others, I would have tapped that a long time ago.  Once DD’s through with her I’ll have to be next in line.”  When I just looked at him blankly, he reached down and grabbed his own package.  “Hope she can handle more than she’s used to,” and walked away.

Why did I let DD do what she was doing?  Why did I let Eric talk that way?  Why was my cuckold bull a lesbian? Why, the answer was obvious to me.  I was in a submissive fog and at a deep, base level, I was submissive.  And I loved, no craved (though I had never admitted it), the humiliation.  So, this is what it’s like to be in the middle of a lesbian cuckold fantasy.

I don’t remember much of the next hour, but eventually, I looked back over my shoulder and saw DD and Kay still in a round booth against the wall.  My wife’s eyes appeared glazed and her breathing was deep.   DD saw me looking and commanded me over with the movement of a single finger.  I walked over and slid in next to my wife, leaving her between DD and me.  “We wanted you here, Cucky when your little wifey has her orgasm,” DD said. What?!  Maybe the music was so loud I had heard it wrong.


This Was Not The First Time They Had Done It


DD pulled the arm that had been under the table up, and moving her hand to Kay’s mouth, slid her middle finger between my wife’s lips.  Kay’s lips closed over it and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on DD’s finger.  “She likes the taste of pussy juice, even her own.  Don’t you, Lover?” DD said.  Kay just nodded yes.  DD pulled her finger away and I noticed Kay’s head leaned forward like she didn’t want the finger to leave her mouth.  And she put her hand under my wife’s chin, raised her face, and leaned in to kiss her deeply, passionately, and not like this was the first time they had done it

DD’s hand went back below the table and I heard Kay’s sharp intake of breath.  Looking me in the eyes, DD told me she was going to make Kay cum harder than I ever had, right here, right now.  But would be nothing compared to how hard and how many times she would cum when she got her back to our “marriage bed” and fucked her. Fucked her so well that it would from then on be DD’s bed.  I still couldn’t respond, but Kay was responding.  Not with words, but still responding nonetheless.



Well, What Do You Think So Far, My Sexy Perverts?


Well, I don’t know about you but I think this is an extremely hot lesbian cuckold fantasy.  And we now know that someone noticed Kay’s red bikini panties and also what happened to them and where they ended up.


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