Public Cuckold Fantasy, By a Lesbian Of Course! 


Hey there!  Our very special guest blog by Rex wraps up this week with the fourth and final part.  As you may remember, one of his favorite kinks seems to be cuckolding by lesbians in public.  Of course I was thrilled when he offered to write me a story about this very public cuckold fantasy!


I Hope You Enjoy the Fourth and Last Chapter of Rex’s Very Sexy Fantasy



The top 2 buttons on Kay’s top were unbuttoned.  With her unoccupied hand, DD unbuttoned the third and spread the top open.  “Recognize the flush on her chest?“ she asked me.  “Recognize the breathing pattern?  Think her nipples are rock hard?”  Without thinking I reached a hand towards my wife’s chest, which brought a sharp “Don’t you fucking dare!” from DD. 

I dropped my hand back on the table and DD laughed, “a good cucky has to know his place!”  She went on, “but I assure you, her nipples are rock hard.  And if you want, I can unbutton her top the rest of the way, pull down her bra and let you and the rest of the crowd see just how hard.” 

Before I could respond, she said not to worry and that she liked having my wife as her submissive lover.  She liked cuckolding me, but she claimed that didn’t want anyone to lose their job over it.  “After all,” she continued, “if my Princess and I don’t still work together, you’ll never have the chance to worry about what she’s doing when she’s late getting home.  And you do so love that feeling of wonder, don’t you Cucky?” Here comes my public cuckold fantasy,” I thought.


Recognize this?


Again, I had no response and as DD’s hand kept working below the table, she and I looked at each other.  Her staring at me, me unfocused but unmoving until she whispered something to my wife.  Then, I felt Kay’s hand in my lap, briefly grasping my cock which I didn’t even realize was rock hard but caught uncomfortably down the leg of my boxers.  My wife pulled her hand away as I lifted up and replaced her hand with mine to reposition my hard dick for some relief. 

“Yes, DD, his little dickie is hard,” my wife reported.   “Little dickie? What the ….!!??!!I” I thought.  She had never complained.  I may not be the biggest, but …  Again, by not responding immediately, I later realized that I gave them my true reaction. And I was back in a fog when I heard DD ask, “Recognize this?”  I tried to focus on my now slutty wife and I realized Kay’s head was back, her mouth slightly open, her eyes closed, her hands gripping the table, and her legs quivering next to mine. 


A Public Cuckold Fantasy in the Bar


“Cover her mouth, Cucky” DD told me, and again I did as she instructed without question.  I’ve seen my wife’s climaxes, but never like this.  I don’t know what she was saying into my hand, but if they were words they weren’t ones her mother had ever heard her utter.  Her body shook, tensed, relaxed and spasmed, tensed again, and then collapsed back into the booth.  Then she bit one of my fingers, hard. A public cuckold fantasy indeed!”

As we sat there for a couple of minutes, I slowly came back to the real world.  In my reading of erotica, I had heard of something called sub-space, but only then did I think I knew what it was.  I don’t care whose definition of cuckold you use, there was not a doubt that I was one.  And I also was suddenly very aware that though not everyone was looking our way, enough people were. They were talking rapidly to each other, enough wearing expressions of shock or amazement that I knew our performance in the booth wasn’t completely private. “Was I going to be a jealous cuckold?” I wondered.


So this is what humiliation feels like.  Why is my cock still hard?


DD said it was time to go.  I thought that meant I got Kay back to myself and we could return home and talk about this.  After all, DD and Kay had cuckolded me as she said they would.  She had proved to those paying attention that she was the Alpha of the company.  I could file this away as one of life’s grand adventures and start to rationalize my way out of the public humiliation.  Then DD added, “We need to get back to your house so I can fuck your wife in your bed while you jack off in the hall.” I apparently had even more public cuckold fantasy waiting for me at home.  

I swear I didn’t say “Yes, Ma’am,” as Kay later told me I did.  But passing through whispers and snickers and a couple of sympathetic pats on my back, we made it out the front door.  We stood there, realizing we had 3 cars.  DD took charge (what a surprise) and told me that Kay would ride with her and tomorrow I could come back to recover Kay’s car.


DD and Kay Kissing Passionately in the Parking Lot


As I turned and headed to my car, I came up short.  I realized the couple coming towards me to enter the club was Tim and Beth Mackenzie – Tim being one of the sales guys (big swingin’ dicks) at my company.  We shared a quick hello and Beth asked me if I wanted to come in and have a drink with them.  I was making my apologies when Tim told her no, I don’t think he wants to do that.  He nudged his wife and pointed behind me with his chin.  I turned to see what they were looking at and there were DD and Kay kissing passionately, one of DD’s hands firmly on my wife’s ass.  The other hand groping one of her tits.

Beth said nothing as she scooted by me toward the door.  Tim patted me on the shoulder and said, “I hope you get to watch at least!” as he chuckled and followed his wife inside.

Not much chance this stays secret now.  But the story of what happened at our house that night is for another time.



Well, What Did You Think, My Sexy Perverts?


My favorite line in the whole saga was: “We need to get back to your house so I can fuck your wife in your bed while you jack off in the hall.”  What was yours?

Also, you absolutely must help me convince Rex to pen his tale of what happened at their house that night in their somewhat less public cuckold fantasy.  Another time, as he said, is now!  Please comment below and let me know how much you would like to know what happened when our trio returned home!

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