Masturbation With Mistress Roxie


Hello My Sexy Perverts!  In honor of our site of the month, Stroke For Me, I have a sexy stroking story for you.  With some kinky guided masturbation thrown in just for fun.


Something Different Tonight


Hey sweetie, come here for a minute. I want for us to do something different tonight. Something involving masturbation just for me. Well, just for me and my friend Dena. She’s right in the next room waiting and she knows I’m talking to you about this.

So, she and I were talking about how we know that guys masturbate a lot. Like, sometimes every day. But we realized that we don’t get to see that nearly enough. In fact, I never get to see you jerk off. But I know you do it almost every day. It’s no secret!

I think it’s time that I get to see you stroke yourself and make yourself cum right in front of me. And in front of Dena too. In front of both of us together. Now, before you say no – I know you’ve always thought that Dena was pretty hot. I don’t mind. I think she’s sexy as hell too. In fact, I bet you’re already getting hard thinking about it.

What do you think? Are you ready to put on a risque’ show for us? Or do you need a bit more convincing? Okay, I’ll throw in a little masturbation incentive for you. How about Dena and I watch your seductive show while we’re topless? Ha! I see that got your attention. I bet you’ve always wanted to see Dena’s big bouncy tits. And I already know how much you love mine. Plus, if you do a really good job and get both of us really aroused, we might just give you a little show of our own.


Masturbation – Plus a Sexy Show!


Great! I’m so glad you’re in. I’ll bring Dena in and we’ll do this right now – before any of us have a chance to change our minds. But before we get started, we have a couple of rules for you.

First, we need you to get completely naked. Yes, that means everything. Your pants, your shoes, your boxers and your shirt too. And take off those socks as well. No one wants to watch a guy wank while he’s wearing only socks!

Now that you’re completely naked, Dena and I will take off our tops and our bras as promised. There. We’re all dressed (or not dressed) exactly as I wanted. But wait! Don’t start touching yourself yet. I want your hands at your sides until I tell you otherwise. Because your final rule is that you will follow my masturbation directions exactly as I tell you. I’m going to give you jerk-off instructions and you’re going to obey them.

Well, I was going to start with having you get hard for us. But I see that your cock is already standing at attention. Great job so far! The thought of touching yourself for us must have gotten you very excited. Or maybe it’s the two pairs of beautiful breasts on display in front of you. Actually, it’s probably both.


Don’t Be in a Rush


Now that your cock is rock hard, I want you to start very gently and very slowly. Long strokes all the way from your balls up to just below the head. Up and down. Don’t be in a rush. And don’t touch the head yet. I want this to last for a while and for Dena and me to enjoy this as long as possible.

While you’re doing that, I’m going to just reach out and give Dena’s lovely tits a little caress. Mmmm… I’m making her nipples so hard. No, no sweetheart, don’t speed up. I know you’re enjoying watching me play with her but you need to keep stroking slowly until I tell you otherwise. That’s perfect. Up and down your shaft, stopping just below the head. Just like I instructed you.


To be continued in part two…


What Did You Think?


Well, my Sexy Perverts… What do you think of my masturbation month story so far? Do you think my boppin’ boyfriend will ever get to cum? How much teasing do you think he will be able to endure? Let me know in the comments below!

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