Masturbation With Mistress Roxie – The Big Finish!


Hello My Sexy Perverts!  Once again, in honor of our site of the month, Stroke For Me, I have the conclusion to my sexy stroking story and kinky guided masturbation for you.  


A Little More Motivation For Your Masturbation


Ooooh… Do I see a little drop of pre-cum at the tip of your cock? That’s so sexy. But now I want you to stop stroking, then take one finger and swirl it all over the head. Get it nice and wet. Perfect! Now, I want you to bring that wet finger to your mouth and taste that pre-cum. Go on, do as I say. You promised you would follow my masturbation instructions. Hmm… maybe you need a little more motivation. How about you watch as I take the tip of my tongue and tease Dena’s hard little nipples and make her squirm a bit?

You did it! I’m so pleased. It tasted good, didn’t it? I knew you’d like it. But wait, I don’t want your hand back on your cock just yet. I want you to massage your balls for me. I bet they’re getting nice and full and tight by now. Bounce them in your hand for me. One at a time. Feel how heavy they’re getting. Maybe they’re even aching a little?

How badly do you want to touch your cock again? You had better tell me how much you want to feel your cock in your hand again. It might even help to beg us. Oh, that badly, huh? Well, okay. You may go back to the long, slow strokes. But only to just below the head for now. We don’t want you to get too close to orgasm yet.


A Reward For Good Behavior


You’re doing so well staying in control and doing just as I say. I think it’s time to reward your good behavior. I want you to stroke a little faster. But just a little! And I want you to stroke up over the head and tighten your hand a bit each time you go up and down.

Very nice. I love seeing the head of your cock popping in and out of your hand each time and the pre-cum squeezing out as you stroke. Keep up that masturbation pace for us. No slower and no faster. Just like that until my next instruction.

You seem to be getting a little closer. It’s so sexy that you let us know how much you want to stroke faster and squeeze a little harder. Again, it might help if you begged us a little. Yes, just like that. Your desperation is so hot!

Ok, now I want you to go a little faster for us. Squeeze yourself tighter as you go over that throbbing head with every stroke. You look like you’re getting even closer. That’s good. In fact, I want you to get as close to cumming as you can. But stay in control! You are not allowed to orgasm until we say so.


Masturbation – A Special Show By You, For Us


We both want you right on the edge. Hold it there for us. How badly do you want to cum? You’d better start begging us if you want any chance of that sweet release. Yes, just like that. Make us know how desperate you are.

Ok, I think you’ve implored us sufficiently and followed our every masturbation wish. You’ve performed very well and it’s been so entertaining and arousing for both me and for Dena. Now, it’s time for what you’ve so patiently waited for. It’s time for you to cum for us. But not quite yet. You must wait for our consent.

You may now stroke as fast and hard as you’d like. Exactly how you’ve begged to do. Mmmm… You’re so close right now! Remind us how badly do you want to cum? Oh, that badly? We’re so glad to hear that. I suppose you’ve earned that orgasm now.

Dena and I are going to count down from ten together. And when we get to one, you’re going to have a big, satisfying orgasm. Ready? 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. Okay, go ahead and cum for us! Oooh… very good. I hope that pleasure was worth all the teasing and the begging and the waiting. It definitely was for us! Thank you, sweetheart!
What Did You Think?


What Did You Think?


Well, my Sexy Perverts… What did you think of my masturbation month story? Do you think my friend and I were too hard on my boyfriend? Or not hard enough? Hopefully, it was just enough. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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