Permanent Chastity


First, a little warning for everyone:  This story is pretty dark!  Just keep in mind that it’s a continuation of my Halloween escape room post.  Proceed at your own risk and happy reading!


Six Months Later


I visited my ex-husband for the first time, and also the last time, about six months later at his new “home.” As I waited in the visitation room, I thought about the last time I had seen him as he was being dragged away into permanent chastity with the other men.  When it was just the wives left in the fake escape room,  the hostess told us that our husbands would never be told that we had sold and delivered them to the company.   And more importantly, that the agreed-upon payments had just been transferred into our accounts.

Soon,  a uniformed guard was leading my former spouse into the room. I was surprised to see that he was naked, humiliated, and heavily restrained.  His ankles and wrists were both shackled and his handcuffs were attached to a chain around his waist.  He was also locked into a bulky chastity cage that looked like it must somehow inflict pain.  Finally, a  similarly bulky and menacing collar was locked around his neck and he had a large bar code tattooed on his chest.


Escape is Impossible


The guard noticed me looking at all of the security that seemed to be necessary for permanent chastity and explained what was going on.  I learned that the bar code was used to track everything the men in the facility did and everywhere they went.  The bulky chastity cage could indeed inflict pain.  It was used to encourage greater levels of production, and when needed, discipline.  The collar was a GPS monitoring device and he was restrained so heavily because he had attempted to flee the facility, which was a pointless move because escape was, of course, impossible.  

Just then, one of my husband’s shackled hands started to wander involuntarily toward his cock.  It had been rock hard and dripping pre-cum the whole time he had been in there.  The guard explained that the men were given a continuous dose of an experimental drug through their collars which made it impossible for their erections to go away without an orgasm.  And that was only going to happen once a year, so consequently, they had raging hard-ons 24/7. 


Permanent Chastity May Not Be As Fun As You Think


He couldn’t have reached it and it was locked in a cage, but he yelped in pain as he was disciplined with a nasty shock from the chastity cage anyway.  The last thing I observed was that he, not unexpectedly, looked exhausted and very angry after six months of captivity and permanent chastity.   All he wanted to do during the short visit was ask me why this was happening to him and why wasn’t I helping to have him released.   I told him not to think of this as a negative thing but instead, as having the good fortune of getting to spend the rest of his life living out his permanent chastity fantasy for real.  And I told him that, really, it was good fortune for both of us

He looked confused for a moment but that look was quickly replaced by a look of horror when he suddenly realized what I had done – that I had sold him to the company and tricked him into walking right into captivity.  “I wasn’t serious about wanting permanent chastity, you sick sadistic bitch!  And definitely not like this!” he cried as his captors dragged him back to his pleasure/torture machine.  


Still In Disbelief


I could hear his screams turn to moans of pleasure and howls of frustration after they locked him into the machine where he would spend the rest of his life in involuntary permanent chastity and serving others. When he was gone from the visitation room, I picked up my phone to check my bank balance – still in disbelief at how much money I was able to trade his freedom, pleasure, and sanity for.  Then I texted my new girlfriends whom I had met in the escape room to make plans for the weekend.   We needed to find new husbands, after all.  Men are just so easy to capture!


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Well, my sexy perverts…  What did you think about the fate of this poor husband?  Do you think that anyone could learn to enjoy such a life?  I’m thinking probably not… Either way, I hope I didn’t put anyone off of their own chastity fantasies!  I’d love for you to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  


Confused? Not sure what’s going on here?  Don’t worry!  Just check out Part One – A Kinky Chastity Fantasy and catch up.



Fun femdom fantasies Roxie (800) 601-6975


Fun femdom fantasies Roxie (800) 601-6975       Fun femdom fantasies Roxie (800) 601-6975       




Fun femdom fantasies Roxie (800) 601-6975