Sex Toy Fetish


Hello again, my sexy perverts!  This week we’re continuing our break from our Mistress and Her Sissy Slave story for something a little different – we’re going to talk about having a kinky sex toy fetish. 


Do you want to know a secret about a lot of guys I talk to?  They don’t use sex toys!  And I find this situation totally unacceptable.  Sure, your hand works fine.  Or just two fingers if that’s your situation.  How much better could your masturbation sessions be with just one kinky sex toy?  Quite a bit, actually.







As promised, I think we’re all ready to revisit the subject of butt toys.  And then, if everybody behaves, we might even talk about another sex toy fetish – remotely controlled toys!  


As some of you may know from experience, pleasuring the anus happens in several ways. First, the little starfish of an entrance is full of very sensitive nerve endings. Have you ever had the pleasure of someone’s tongue licking you there?  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Well, those nerve endings are why.  


If you explore a little deeper, there are muscles that can also be stimulated.  Some even find this relaxing.    But the best part is for those who possess a prostate.  When stimulated, it can produce intense pleasure and even orgasm.  And let’s not forget that for some, any butt play at all is a big taboo which makes it even more appealing.  And, as I’ve said before, your hand or a finger can get the job done but a toy can make the experience so much better.  It’s easy to see why so many people have a sex toy fetish!



Sex Toy Fetish – Butt Plugs!



Starting with the very basics of butt toys, we have butt plugs.  They come in many different sizes, starting with very slim ones suitable for beginners.  They can also be very large – so much so that some would not think of inserting it in their special hole while others can take the same size like a champ.   Success with this type of a sex toy fetish comes down to training, patience, and motivation.  


Butt plugs should ALWAYS have a wide flared base.  Nothing ruins the fun of a butt sex toy fetish than a lost butt plug that winds up unsupervised and rapidly headed toward your colon.  Nobody wants that.  And also on the subject of avoiding complications, it is important to take things slow. 


I get that some of you are sex toy fetish over-achievers, but moving up in size too quickly is a very bad idea.  Beginner training kits are available that can help.  They come in several sizes to gradually increase the size you can take. 



So Much Fun!



Butt plugs can also be a lot of fun.  A fluffy tail can be attached to the end of the plug and when inserted, can look like the wearer has a puppy, kitty, fox, or any other tail.  They can also be used by a submissive as a display of obedience and devotion to one’s Mistress (hint, hint!). 


In fact, I love giving a submissive an assignment involving a butt plug.  It can be as simple as wearing one around the house to wearing one all day at work.  A favorite assignment is to have a sub hold one in that is too slim – usually the smallest one from the training kit that has been graduated from.  This is more of a challenge than you might think so the period of time is usually the duration of our phone call.    


And an extremely fun fact about butt plugs:  They were originally created over 100 years ago for the treatment of an array of male medical and psychological disorders.  Everything from acne to insanity.  I don’t know how they could possibly have helped any of those issues, but can you imagine going to your doctor and being prescribed a butt plug?   Apparently, many of these “medical devices” ended up being used recreationally so they just went along with this sex toy fetish.  Soon, some forward-thinking entrepreneurs would market these medicinal insertables as sex toys.



Next Up:



Even more sex toy fetishes – Anal dildos, prostate stimulators, and remotely controlled toys.

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**The fun facts in this post are credited to Jensen, K. Thor (2017-02-22). “The Dark, Twisted History Of The Butt Plug”.