Sexual Fantasy Confessions


Hello, my Sexy Perverts!  As you may know, our site of the month for November is Vox Erotic.  This site is all about sexual fantasies, erotic confessions, and kinky secrets.  As it says, “sexual fantasies are meant to be shared.”  And wow do you love to share them with me!

I thought that I might help celebrate our site of the month by telling you about my favorite (and your favorite) sexual fantasy confessions.  We all have secrets. Maybe they’re things that you usually enjoy by yourself but you just want to tell someone about them.  And I think that sometimes you’re a bit nervous about sharing your thoughts with me.   But almost everyone I talk to figures out that I’m just as kinky and weird as you are… Maybe even more so!

Whether we’ve experienced your confessions together by role-playing, having a dirty, sexy conversation or just fantasizing together, these are my favorites.


Sexual Fantasy Confessions About Cock


You love to tell me, in great detail, how much you want it.  And I love hearing all about it too!  Almost always, the cocks you fantasize about are larger than your own.  And sometimes it’s a big, hard BBC that you crave.  Sometimes along with this sexual fantasy confession,  you want to be coerced into the naughty things you fantasize about doing to these cocks.  Although given your eagerness, I wonder if any coercion would actually be necessary…

Often you tell me that you’ve never encountered a real cock other than your own before.  Or that it only happened once back in school.  Even if it’s only been a fantasy you certainly do long for cock.  There was a time when I didn’t know that so many guys love cock but I sure do now!  All thanks to your confessions to me!


You Want to Watch Your Lady With Another Guy


I just love talking to all of you cuckold guys and hearing your sexual fantasy confessions!  One might think that the thought of your wife or girlfriend cheating on you with a more dominant and well-hung man would fill you with anger and jealousy.  But not for you cuckolds!  You fantasize about watching them, doing what you’re told, and maybe even being humiliated a little while you’re at it.  Often you’re excited by the shame of your inadequate dick size compared to his.

In your fantasies, your lady eagerly invites an alpha man to do all kinds of things with her that she’s never been interested in doing with you.  Meanwhile, the closest you get to her beautiful pussy is cleaning her up after her man friend has made her completely satisfied in ways that you never even dreamed of.   You can’t deny it – pleasing her in that way makes your dick rock hard every time you think about it.


Sexual Fantasy Confessions About Your Neighbors


Sometimes you tell me about the classic girl (or guy) next door fantasy, but with a twist.  Maybe someone new just moved in next door and you can’t stop watching them.  Even thinking about them makes you rock hard. Of course, they’re constantly sunbathing or doing other sexy things topless right outside your window and they drive you absolutely insane with lust on a daily basis.

Often this person is very dominant, which is just what you need.  Inevitably they end up at your front door when you’re conveniently home all alone and soon much kinkiness ensues.


And Your Co-Workers Too!


You try your best to focus on your job but you have this one co-worker who is smart, sexy as hell, and smells amazing.  You work together every day and lately, you’re spending an irresponsible amount of work time fantasizing about this person and trying to conceal your constant hard-on every time you’re around them.

Often they are naturally a dominant alpha and make you feel more submissive than you’ve ever felt before.  And you find that this sexual fantasy confession turns you on a lot more than you would have thought.  It doesn’t matter if this person is your boss or if you’re their boss.  Maybe you even flirt a bit and some sexual tension becomes obvious.

In your fantasy, appropriate workplace behavior goes out the window and playful and flirty texts start going back and forth.  Soon you find reasons to stay late at the office together.  And again, much sweet, forbidden kinkiness begins.


What Did You Think?


So, my sexy perverts – does all of this sound as fun to you as it does to me?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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