Sexy Rules for a Sissy Slave


You will never touch your disappointingly average penis or any other part of your body in a way that causes arousal without my permission. If you want to touch yourself in this way, you must ask me first. 

If allowed, you will only experience the release of an orgasm after I and anyone else present are completely satisfied.  This will usually require you to give me several orgasms in any manner that I have chosen and also to please others as well on occasion.


Well, my sexy perverts, you’ve been very patient.  So, here are the rest of the sexy rules for a sissy slave that I promised.

Rules for Sex, Pleasure, and Chastity


  • Before each orgasm, you will ask me for permission and you will wait for me to grant it before a release.  Expect much more tease and denial than orgasms
  • Do not expect to be given this permission, but do expect that often you will not know until the last minute.  We will need to work on your self-control until you are able to stop your orgasm when directed to do so
  • If you find that you will not be able to stop your orgasm, you are always expected to ruin the orgasm without having to be told to do so
  • Expect to be punished for experiencing pleasure without permission, whether intentional or not


Gratitude and Begging


  • After each orgasm, you will thank me for allowing you the pleasure of a release – even if it was ruined
  • After mistakes, you will immediately beg for my forgiveness for your disobedience
  • Understand that from now on you will be allowed very few orgasms, some of which I may even direct you to ruin
  • You will masturbate and edge yourself on a regular basis whenever and for as long as I direct. I will most often watch you do this for my pleasure. Alternatively, I will edge you myself via hand-job


Sexy Rules for a Sissy Slave – Permission, Mistakes and Punishment


  • Expect edging sessions to be intense and to continue until I give you permission or I decide to cease.   I encourage you to beg for it to stop if you need to.  This may or may not influence my decision for the edging to continue or to stop
  • You may at any time beg me for the release of an orgasm or even to simply masturbate and edge. Proper begging position for pleasure is on your knees, head down, and completely naked
  • Repeated accidents or disobedience will result in your average dick being locked in a chastity device at all times with me being the sole key holder.  This will continue until a time when you have convinced me that you have learned to consistently maintain strict control over your urges.  The chastity device may also be required at other times based on my discretion including for my own amusement
  • You must understand and accept that these rules involving your orgasms, your masturbation, and your pleasure are intended to be difficult and will be adjusted periodically at my discretion to remain so as you become used to them.  In time, though, you will learn to love making these sacrifices for me


Mistress’ Pleasure


  • You will learn how to bring me to orgasm with your mouth, hands, and toys exactly the way that I enjoy it the most.  You may possibly be allowed to attempt to satisfy me with your disappointingly average dick on extremely rare occasions.  Penetration should never be expected, should never be requested, and will likely be allowed only for my amusement
  • In the morning when we wake up you will ask me if I would like for you to start my day with an orgasm
  • You will give me as many orgasms as I please. This will have no bearing on when and if I allow you any
  • You must be available to me at all times to meet my sexual needs – even in the middle of the night


Sexy Rules for a Sissy Slave – Coerced Bi


  • I will continue to have sexual relationships with anyone that I choose. However, you will be 100% faithful to me unless I have you sexually serve someone else
  • I may have you participate in my sex with other men, but it will not be a threesome situation. Your role will be to observe and assist me in receiving the pleasure that you cannot provide me.  You will also be expected to clean up afterward
  • You will sexually serve anyone I choose, in the manner in which I direct and without hesitation – including submitting to and satisfying men who are very likely to always have cocks much larger than yours.  I realize that you identify as straight, but I am confident that after some time you will find satisfaction in simply doing these things to please me


Sexy Rules for a Sissy Slave – That Was Sexy!


Well, my sexy perverts… phew!  We’re finally at the end of all the sexy rules or a sissy slave.  I know it seems like a lot but, as you know, your Mistress Roxie loves sexy rules for a sissy slave and finds them very arousing.  Especially the sexy ones that involve chastity.  I’m sure this is not a surprise to anyone!  In fact, if you ever wondered what it might be like to be Ms. Roxie’s personal sissy slave, this should give you a good idea!  

But, most importantly, what do you think is next for this sissy slave and his Mistress?  Can he live with all of these rules?  Can she? How many mistakes will he make at first?  And how much do you think he will get punished for them? And in what manner?

Totally Lost?  Not sure what’s going on with all of these sexy rules for a sissy slave? Don’t worry!  Head over to Part One:  A Sissy Slave Boss and read from the beginning.