Sissy Boyfriend


Sweetheart – do you have something you need to tell me?   Yes, I sound serious.  Because this is a serious matter.  

I think you know what I’m talking about.  Do you have any ideas?  No?  Well okay.  Then, I’ll tell you.   I believe that you’ve been sneaking around and wearing my panties when I’m not home.  Or when I’m asleep.


How Long Has This Been Going On?


Is that correct?  Oh, okay. So you’re going to admit to it. Well, that was quick.  That’s a good thing because to be more specific, I know that you’ve been taking panties out of my drawer and wearing them all around the house when I’m not around. And I know that sometimes you take my panties out of the dirty laundry and sniff them.  And you hold them around your cock to jerk off with them and into them.  It sounds like you might be my sissy boyfriend.  Is that true?

Oh, it is?  All of it?  So, how long have you been doing this?   The whole time we’ve been together?   Well, I have to say that I had no idea that the boyfriend I just moved in with is a sissy!  Yes, I called you a sissy. What else do you call a guy who immediately puts on ladies’ panties every time his girlfriend leaves the house?  And you’re probably masturbating and watching sissy porn while you wear them too.  Yeah, I would call that a Sissy!

Don’t worry, though.  I’m not mad.  Quite the opposite, actually. I’ve decided that if my boyfriend is going to be a sissy, I’m going to have some fun with it!  We’re going to go all the way with it and make you the best little sissy boyfriend you’ve ever seen.


But Don’t You Dare Touch My Shoes!


We’re going to get you your own panties and lots of pretty lingerie – maybe stockings and some little bras.  Oh, and we’ll have to get you some little fake boobies too.  And I’m going to show you how to do your makeup and we’re going to get you some girly wigs. And we’re going to have to get you some nice fancy outfits and high heels (and by fancy outfits, I mean slutty outfits)  And, by the way, you’d better not have been touching my shoes – I’m a size 7 ½! 

That way you’ll have something to wear when we go out together from now on. You know, shopping, brunch, clubs – all of that.  Won’t that be embarrassing for you to go out like that?  It’s going to be so much fun to humiliate my sissy boyfriend!  And you totally deserve it!

Oh my God, this is making your dick hard!  I can see it right through those panties you’re wearing.  My panties! 

I’m supposed to be the one enjoying this, but I’m not having any fun yet.  Maybe I need to give you a nice sissy name.  I know!  I’m going to call you Nancy!  You probably like it, don’t you, you little sissy slut.  Okay, I have to admit – this starting to get fun! 

We’ll Work Up To It


I do still think you need a good dose of humiliation, though.  Maybe what you need is for me to get out my strap-on.  Yes, I have a strap-on – and I have a nice big dildo that goes with it.  I bet it’s going to be so humiliating for your girlfriend to fuck you in the ass!  I mean, look how big it is! Oh, don’t worry – we’ll work up to it.  

Oh, great.  Now your hard little sissy clitty is dripping pre-cum.  There’s a wet spot right on your panties – I mean MY panties.  What a little sissy slut you are!  

Well, if you liked all of that, you’re going to love this!  If you’re going to be my sissy boyfriend, I have a big list of rules you’re going to live by now.  Yes, I’ve put a lot of thought into this…

To be continued…

Well, my Sexy Perverts… What do you think so far?  And what do you think the rules will be?


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