Sissy Slave Rules


I started to love having that kind of power over you.  And really, I also just liked spending time with you.  Sissy slave rules or not, you were fun to be around and you treated me like a princess.  And then you proposed that “maybe this time you should try a sissy slave boyfriend with an average dick who adores you, rather than an alpha boyfriend who isn’t very nice to you.” 


Well, my sexy perverts, as you might have guessed, our Mistress accepted her handsome, submissive boss’s proposal that he become her “sissy slave boyfriend with an average dick who adores you,” rather than an alpha boyfriend who isn’t very nice to you.


A Good Mistress


It was going to be the first power exchange relationship for both of us.  And I was the Dominant.  To be honest, it took a while to get used to that title.  But, as a good Mistress, I quickly set about creating some sissy slave rules for our relationship.  After all, this wasn’t just going to be a bedroom only or part-time thing.  It was to be a nearly 24/7 lifestyle.  And even though we were both very excited about beginning that together, I knew that we needed to be on the same page about a lot of things. Plus, I liked rules – as long as I made them and they didn’t apply to me!

I wanted to create some structure so that, especially in the beginning, we would know what to expect from each other.  Especially those things that you would do on a regular basis without being directed to do so each time. I definitely didn’t want to have to micromanage every little task and every minute of your day.  And I wanted you to have the freedom to come up with new ways to please and serve me that I didn’t have to direct you to do.  

Above all, I wanted our rules to benefit both of us and to outline expectations that would help sustain and ensure growth for this dynamic. Also, because any Mistress/Subby Slave relationship is going to be very complex, we both made a serious commitment to open and honest communication.  

So, with some input from my handsome subby boss, I came up with the following sissy slave rules.   (And, yes a whole lot of them ended up being sex-related…)  


Sissy Slave Rules- The Essentials


  • The most important rule:  I own you and you will always obey, worship, and serve me. This rule is the basis for all of the others
  • You will strive to be the best sissy slave you can be for me.  Continuous improvement will be required and regularly evaluated by your Mistress. To this end, training, reward, and punishment will always be a part of our relationship
  • I have no interest in a passive submissive slave without opinions or needs.  When asked or granted permission, you will communicate truthfully, respectfully, and openly with your Mistress.  The issue could be disagreement with or inability to comply with a rule, a request for a rule change, or anything else that is on your mind
  • At work, we will carry on as we always have.  It is very important that we not involve our co-workers in our Dom/sub relationship unless they happen to also be a kinky friend.  This work arrangement will be on a trial basis and changes will be made to one or both of our positions within the company if necessary  


Rules For When You Are At Home


  • Your submissive collar is a symbol of our relationship, your submission, and my ownership of you. When at home, you must put on your house collar when you wake up and keep it on until you go to bed. You may remove it when leaving the house.  When we find a suitable day collar, you will wear it outside the home as much as possible
  • Whenever you enter the house, you will strip down to your underwear.  This will always be a micro thong/g-string that is meant to emphasize both your athletic body and the disappointingly average size of your penis. No other clothing is to be worn in the house when we are alone or with certain kinky friends
  • Sleeping in the bed with your Mistress is a privilege that may not be allowed every night.  On nights you do not sleep in the bed, the place for my sissy slave will be on the floor at the foot of the bed
  • Sitting on furniture is also a privilege and often may not be granted.  Your usual position will be on the floor at my feet when we are relaxing or watching tv or hosting certain kinky friends
  • You are responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy and you will cook meals when requested by your Mistress
  • You will learn how your Mistress likes her morning coffee and you will prepare and serve it to her in bed every morning.   


Next up – Sissy Slave Rules for Sex, Pleasure, and Chastity. Plus:  Coerced Bi!


Ok my sexy perverts,  you may think that’s a lot of sissy slave rules for one subby boyfriend.   But we haven’t even gotten to the sexy ones yet!

What do you think of the rules so far?  And did you see the part about punishment?  What do you think our subby sissy slave might do to deserve that?  And what would the punishment include?

Totally Lost?  Not sure what’s going on here? Don’t worry!  Head over to Part One:  A Sissy Slave Boss and read from the beginning.



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Fun femdom fantasies Roxie (800) 601-6975