Mistress Phone Sex Tips

Hello, my Sexy Perverts! ™  Do you want to be one of my favorite guys? And do you want our calls to be amazing?  Of course, you do!  Keeping a few things in mind can make both things really simple. 

Here’s the secret: The three P’s of being a most excellent client are: being Prepared, Participating in our call, and being Polite. 



Talk To Me


Communicating with me is the key to us having a mind-blowing session together.  First, I simply need to be able to hear you.  Before our call, make sure your phone and headphones are charged.  And if you’re on speaker phone, plan to stay close to your phone.  Also, make sure you’re in a spot where you know you get a good phone signal.  Static, echoes, and dropped calls are all big mood killers.  

If I can’t hear you, I can’t help you.  Speak clearly and don’t mumble.  If you absolutely have to be quiet,  consider a sexy texting session on Skype with me instead.  That’s a much better way to communicate than huddling in a closet and speaking so quietly that I can’t understand a word you are saying.


Don’t Make Me Guess


Although it may seem like it sometimes, I am not a mind reader.  If we have never talked before, I will have no way of knowing anything about you, what you’re into or what you don’t like.  And if I have to 100% guess what you are interested in doing on our call, you should know that I’m notorious for guessing wrong.  

For example, I could assume that you want to be humiliated, want to fantasize about cock sucking, or like to dress up in sexy lingerie.  But, if I’m incorrect, things can get really awkward and you’re looking at another mood killer.  It’s better to just avoid this.  Fortunately, there are a few ways we can get to know each other pretty well, pretty quickly.  


Mistress Phone Sex Tips – Just Tell Me


The most obvious way is for you just to introduce yourself and let me know a few things about your fantasies, your likes, and your dislikes.  If you have something in mind for our session, don’t hesitate to just tell me about it. 

If you don’t do this, I will probably ask you some questions.  And it’s very helpful if you answer them honestly and with some thought and detail.  Responses like “I’m horny,” “I need to get off,” or “I dunno” aren’t particularly helpful.  

Better responses might be, “I want you to make fun of my tiny penis,” or “I want you to edge me and tease me until I beg for your permission to orgasm.”  Or even, “I want you to dress me up like the slutty sissy I am and take me out on the town.”


But I’m Just Too Shy to Tell You What I Want


That’s okay!  Even a few clues can help.  Any small pieces of information that you can manage to give me can put us on a path to knowing each other better.  A few well-thought-out hints can go a long way and are definitely better than nothing.  I can be really good at picking up on your little cues and running with them!  But I have to have something to go on. 

  Or, we can communicate before our call.  You can email me about your fantasy or we can chat for a few minutes on Skype before our first call. That way, when we talk, I’ll know some things about you and we will have a place to start.   


Participate in Our Call


One of my most important Mistress phone sex tips is if we are talking about one of your fantasies, make sure you share your thoughts with me about the fantasy.  And if we decide to do a role-play, don’t forget to play your role.  Think of it like a game of tennis where we each have a turn talking – like in any reciprocal conversation.  

Of course, although I love it when we can have a great, sexy conversation, I don’t mind doing most of the talking if it’s absolutely necessary.  But, please, please at least let me hear your reactions.  Moans, groans, and words that let me know when something feels good mentally and physically help me to know you like what we’re talking about or doing.  

Plus they’re really fucking hot to hear!  Don’t hide them from me, suppress them or worst of all, put yourself on mute. You cannot imagine how uncomfortable and even difficult it is to talk to someone who is completely silent.


Bring Fun Things to Our Call


It makes sense that sex toys and other things you bring along will enhance our sessions and make them even more fun.  I would love it if you wore your prettiest panties for me if you’re into that.  You could also have your favorite adult toys or DIY pervertable household objects on hand like ice cubes, wooden spoons, or anything else you can imagine. 

And even better, couples toys that connect via Bluetooth and can be controlled remotely would be the ultimate in participating together!


Be Polite


Speak to me like I’m, well, a Mistress!  And please don’t just hang up the phone abruptly after you cum.  Of course, I get that it could happen that you might get interrupted and have to hang up.  That is completely understandable.  But when you cum and just hang up without a word – I really hate that.  And to be honest, it’s a bit hurtful too. At the very least, try to let me know if you had a good time and definitely say goodbye.

Above all, the most important Mistress phone sex tip is to always try to laugh and have a good time.  Don’t take it too seriously – sex is supposed to be fun.  Don’t forget that, my Sexy Perverts! ™    

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