Hello My Sexy Perverts!



Tomorrow night (December 14th) we’re hosting Mistress Trivia Night from 8-9 PM Eastern time.  Join us and impress all of us LDW ladies with how well you know us!


Mistress Roxie - Mistress Trivia Night - (800) 601-6975


It will be held in our adult chat room and is completely free. There will be a lot of us in the chat and prizes for the winners too.

                  • First Place wins a Free 30 Minute Session
                  • Second Place wins a Free 20 Minute Session
                  • Third Place wins a Free 10-minute Session

Of course, everyone who participates is a winner since you get to hang out and have fun with your favorite Mistresses!



And Even More Fun!



A while ago, I posted a quiz asking “how well do you know me?” on this blog.  The actual quiz link isn’t active anymore, but these were the five multiple-choice questions I asked:


(1)  In what state was I born?

                    • Wisconsin
                    • Georgia
                    • Florida
                    • Alabama

(2)  What is my favorite football team?

                    • Georgia Bulldogs
                    • Alabama Crimson Tide
                    • Wisconsin Badgers
                    • Florida Gators

(3)  What is my favorite type of music?

                    • Hip Hop/R&B
                    • Hard Rock
                    • Country
                    • I’ll listen to anything once/All of the above

(4)  What pet(s) do I have? (You can choose more than one)

                    • Dog
                    • Cat
                    • Fish
                    • Axolotl

(5)  What is my favorite type of call?

                    • Edging/Tease & Denial
                    • Cuckolding
                    • Role-Play
                    • It depends on who I’m talking to

You can find out my answers here: How Well Did You Know Me?  And I’ll see all of you at Mistress Trivia tomorrow night!