Cuckolded by a Lesbian, In Public No Less! 


Hey there!  This week, again, I bring you guest writer Rex.  As you may remember, his favorite kink seems to be cuckolding and  I was thrilled when he offered to write me a story about being cuckolded by a lesbian. In public!


I hope you enjoy the Second Part of Rex’s cuckolding story!



The evening was well underway when I arrived at about 6:00. I had met most of Kay’s co-workers and said hi to a few, got my nametag that told the bartender and waitstaff that we were on the company tab, and headed to the bar. There was an open stool, so I sat and ordered a Red Breast Irish whiskey and looked around for my wife. I saw her in a group back towards the dance floor. Co-workers enjoying the Friday night wind down, three guys and another woman next to Kay.

The other woman was probably my height, and I noticed she was wearing black jeans and boots, with a t-shirt I couldn’t read from the distance. She had short blond hair and seemed pretty cute, but her shoulders were broad as most men’s, probably wider than mine. That must be DD, Kay had told me she used to row crew in college.  Little did I know that I was about to be cuckolded by that lesbian.

I turned back towards the bar to look at ESPN on the TV. There was a stool open next to me and suddenly it was occupied. I glanced over to see these amazing blue eyes staring right at me. She stuck out her hand and said, “You’re Alan, aren’t you? Kay’s husband. I’m DD.”


The Best Looking Pussy


She ordered a beer (Hazy IPA I noticed) and started up a conversation with me. Nothing out of the ordinary, life history, hobbies, job. I asked what DD stood for, and she told me her name was Deborah, but some of the guys at work had started calling her “Deb Dyke” behind her back. Turns out she liked the name and ran with it, said that shut the assholes up for a while. She took a glance over both shoulders and then said, “God, I love our HR Department. They hire the best-looking pussy.” Irish whiskey came out of my nose and I coughed and choked. She just chuckled.  I was so close to being cuckolded by a lesbian!

What followed was a conversation that took me back to high school locker room talks. But the biggest blow-hard on the football team back then had nothing on DD. A lot of it was just a blur, part funny, part embarrassing, and part hot as hell. And I went through two more whiskeys while she held forth. The conversation became about the perfect size tits (her exact words). I said I hadn’t seen them all, but there were arguments to be made for several possibilities.

She agreed but said she was sure she had seen more of them than I had, so she had a more informed opinion. I told her I doubted it, that before marriage (and after, but I didn’t admit that) I’d been to my share of topless clubs and I’d seen plenty. She said ok, maybe I had seen more, but she had had more of them in her hands than I had and was an expert in tit size. I laughed and asked what being an expert on tit size meant exactly – it seemed an innocent question at the time. An innocent question until you realize you’ve been cuckolded by a lesbian.


She Could Visualize Any Woman’s Breasts in Her Hands


DD said she could look at any woman, imagine her with her top off and visualize the woman’s breasts in her hands and tell her exact bra size. Any woman.  It didn’t matter. I called bullshit.  So she proposed we make a bet. The loser would have to answer three questions from the winner with absolute honesty.

“Just between us, our little secret,” she said. “But it’s a bet of honor so no welshing, we’ll have to be honest.” I hemmed and hawed a bit, then said ok, but what’s the bet? She looked me right in the eyes and said, “I bet I can tell you what size bra Kay wears.”

She spun around on her stool and left me dumbfounded. In a second I glanced back and could see she was looking at Kay who was over against a wall, standing alone. I looked at my wife and when our eyes met, she lowered her head. I don’t know what that did to me, but I mumbled, “OK, you’re on.”


Cuckolded by a Lesbian – I Was Confused and it Made No Sense


DD started a soliloquy about my wife’s breasts, and I just listened. She made comments about Kay’s height making them seem larger, but when you look from behind you can see them wider than her side. She cupped her hands and seemed to be imagining holding something or weighing something, started rubbing her pointer and thumb together, then said, “Got it, 34C.”

I was confused – it made no sense that D.D. knew so much about my wife’s tits.   No wonder I was about to be cuckolded by a lesbian.

Damnit, right! I wanted to lie and say she was wrong, but I had to give her credit. She told me to get one more whiskey, she was going to go to the bathroom and when she got back she’d have my questions. While she was gone I looked over towards Kay, hoping she’d come to rescue me, but she just stood there looking back. Soon DD was on her way, but swerved by my wife and said something to her, I assumed inviting her to join us. But no, just DD headed my way.



Well, What Do You Think So Far, My Sexy Perverts?


We now know what the nickname D.D. means.  And did you notice that no one had noticed that Kay was wearing red bikini panties yet? I’m still keeping my conclusions to myself for now.


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