Ignoring You…

I Will Ignore You.  And you’re going to love it!

I have exciting news for you, My Sexy Perverts! ™  I’m available on a new site!  Well, it’s not exactly a new site.  In fact, it’s October’s site of the month.  But it’s new to me. Please welcome me to I Will Ignore You.  I am now available for all of your ignore humiliation needs!  

Whether you need to be ignored because deep down you know you’re not worthy of my attention – or any beautiful woman’s regard for that matter.  Or because you need to be punished,  or you’re just a filthy sadist –  I’ve got you covered.


Why You Should Want Your Favorite Mistress to Ignore You


You already know that you’re not worthy to even hope for the attention of beautiful women – much less desire to date them or expect their affection.  And you know that you’re certainly not worthy of any of that with me.  

But there’s something that you think you just might deserve – but only because you’re paying for it, of course.  You want to be put in your place by a Mistress whom you adore and worship. Especially one like me who has all of the things you desire in a woman.  You may just rate my disdain.  You want me to be ignored by a femdom!

Ignoring you can also be very effective as a corrective action.  I may feel like it’s just the punishment you need for a transgression you may have committed.  Did you fail to follow orders or to complete tasks that I assigned?  Did you speak disrespectfully, act in an arrogant manner, or even worse – waste my time?   


Ignoring You – Even More Reasons to Give You the Cold Shoulder


Maybe, better yet, you are a chastity boy who unlocked his cage and touched himself without permission? If so, expect me to insist upon an ignore call before we return to our usual dynamic.  Having me ignore you will make you a better submissive.  

Or maybe it’s just torture that you crave from a beautiful, dominant woman  I will ignore you and objectify you like the worthless loser that you are.  You may wonder how I can do that to you.  That’s simple.  I can ignore you because you do not matter to me and I know that deep down you know that. 

You only matter when you are in complete submission to me, amusing me and sacrificing for me. It’s time you accepted that. 


How I Will Reject You and Neglect You


What will I be doing while you’re paying me to ignore you?  Well, silly – whatever I want of course!  You may hear me take a steamy shower or a long, splashy bath.  I may treat you to the hypnotic sound of filing while I tend to my long, stiletto nails. 

Or, you might have the privilege of hearing me relax by listening to music, watching a movie, or talking to my girlfriends.  You could even overhear me making coffee or a snack to enjoy while I neglect and disregard you. 

In any case, if you’re really lucky I may even give you tasks to complete, positions to maintain, or fun things to recite.  And expect, if at all possible, to be available for me to spy on you via Skype.  All for my own amusement while I ignore you!  


So what do you think, My Sexy Perverts? ™


Are you ready to feel the icy chill of my disdain?  The sting of my scorn?  Come on, you know you want to try it. It will be so much fun.  (For me, anyway, hee hee…)  To make it even more enjoyable, we can arrange it by email or Skype in advance.  That way, when you call, we can bypass all of my usual niceties and jump right into the torment the enjoyment of ignoring you.  

Either way, my very naughty boy – get in touch with me and I will take it from there!

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