Great cuckold news, my sexy perverts! This week my Fun Femdom Fantasies Blog features the return of guest writer Rex. Our calls are always so much fun when he tells me all about his kinks while wearing a pretty pair of panties. As always, his favorite kink seems to be cuckolding and I was so excited to find out that he was writing a continuation of his lesbian cuckold story.

Haven’t read the first part of this story? Start here at the beginning of Cuckolded in Public by a Lesbian – parts 1-4.

I hope you enjoy reading about how the rest of the night turned out as much as I did!


Don’t Make More of a Cuckold Scene in Public


Moving in a fog, I made it to my car. Part of me wanted to run back into the club and tell Tim and Beth that it was all a silly game we were playing, but please be discreet. Part of me wanted to chase after DD and Kay and drag my wife away from her and say enough is enough.  You’ve had your fun, we’re going home. I had just about decided that is what I would do, but then thought don’t make more of a scene in public, this can wait.

So I did nothing – nothing but the solitary cuckold walk of shame to my car.  As I got to the parking lot exit I waited to see if I could tell where they were, I didn’t know what DD drove. Then, car lights approached me from behind and flashed their high beams. I looked into the mirror meaning to wave my apology for just sitting there when the lights on the SUV behind me dimmed. In the mirror, I could see DD behind the wheel and Kay in the passenger seat.

As I watched in the mirror, DD reached over and put her right hand behind my wife’s head and guided it to the left and down. Kay didn’t seem to resist as I saw her drop below my view. DD adjusted in her seat just a bit, turning slightly to her right. With her left hand, she gave me a thumbs up.  Remembering that DD was wearing black jeans and boots, I was sure what was going on was more show than an actual deed.


This Was My House, My Castle, Kay Was My Wife and I Was a Man


She was toying with both Kay and her cuckold husband. Kay seemed to like it.  I was mostly wondering why I didn’t hate it.  When we arrived at our house, I drove into the garage and turned the car off, looking into the mirror to watch the SUV that had pulled in behind me. As I was blinded by the headlights of her taller vehicle, I couldn’t see much in the mirror. I could see and hear the doors open and close as I sat still, not knowing what to do.

This was my house, my castle, Kay was my wife and I was a man. None of that mattered then and there. DD was in charge and I had already surrendered my wife and my dignity. I was scared. I was humiliated and I was breathing raggedly. My dick was hard.  They walked past my car, arms around each other, and headed into the house. In her free hand, DD held a gym bag. I hit the garage door button and climbed out to follow them in, stopping at our garage refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. I went into our house, through the laundry room, and into the kitchen. The two women were nowhere to be seen. I tried to slow my breathing and drank some water to calm myself.


The Worst Cuckold Parts of the Night Replayed in My Mind:


  •  DD grinning as she said “34C,” obviously knowing she was correct.
  •  My answers to her questions: “submissive” and “yes, but …”; and then the silent nod.  Yes, silent yet it sounded like a jet engine’s roar in my head
  •  The panties landing in my lap (a quick check, yes they were still in my pocket)
  •  That arrogant ass Eric telling me he was going to fuck Kay soon, and with his cock obviously bigger than mine
  •  The flush on Kay’s chest
  •  Her referring to my cock as “his little dickie”
  •  My hand over my wife’s mouth as she came, feeling as much as seeing how strongly she climaxed
  •  Realizing that if I’d touched my cuckolded cock at that moment I probably would have cum as well
  •  The looks on the faces in the crowd as we left the club
  •  Tim and Beth outside, with …. Oh my gawd
  •  And most of all, DD’s words to me: “We need to get back to your house so I can fuck your wife in your bed while you jack off in the hall.”


The Next Sound I Heard Was My Wife’s Sharp Cry


I could hear no voices so I assumed they were already in the bedroom. But then I heard a noise like something heavy dropped onto a wooden surface. I walked into our living room to see Kay and DD in front of our sofa, making out as they removed the last of each other’s clothes.  DD’s jeans were bunched on our coffee table, the sound I had heard was her heavy belt buckle hitting the table.

The next sound I heard was my wife’s sharp cry as I watched DD’s hands working between Kay’s legs, her fingers obviously working the same magic they worked at the club.  She moved around behind Kay so that my wife was facing her cuckold husband.  The fingers of DD’s right hand were reaching down and around, fingering my wife’s pussy as her left hand cupped Kay’s left tit.  She was lifting it slightly as if wanting to show it to me in all its glory as her thumb flicked back and forth across the nipple.

To be continued in part six…



Well, What Do You Think So Far, My Sexy Perverts?


What do you think is going to happen next?  Do you think that our cuckold husband will actually be banished to the hallway?   I think I might know, but I’ll keep it to myself for now – at least until the end of the series!

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