Great cuckold news, my sexy perverts! This week my Fun Femdom Fantasies Blog features part six of guest writer Rex’s story about being cuckolded by a lesbian. 

Haven’t read the first part of this story? Start here at the beginning of Cuckolded in Public by a Lesbian – parts 1-4.

I hope you enjoy reading about how the rest of the night turned out as much as I did!


Continuing the Sexy Cuckold Show


She continued this show as she kissed and licked Kay’s neck and ear, all the time without losing eye contact with me. Again I was mute as I watched this woman play my wife’s body for both their pleasures. But her eyes looking at me also communicated what she knew and I was understanding, it was for my pleasure as well. Damn, I thought, this is hot as hell. I am a cuckold.

Then DD spoke to me quietly, saying, “You like what you’re seeing, don’t you cuckie?” I simply nodded. “If I’m going to let you watch,” she continued, “then I’m going to need you to do something, ok?” Again, a nod. “Take off your clothes,” was her simple statement, made so matter of factly that I didn’t consider it strange at all, and I started unbuttoning my shirt. “Where are your wife’s panties?” brought my answer of “In my pants pocket.”

As I dropped my shirt, kicked off my shoes, bent over, and removed my socks, DD continued to fondle my wife (over no objections from either of us). When I grabbed my belt to start to remove my pants, DD said, “Stop! I don’t want to see your little dickie. If you want to stay in here and not be banished to the garage, you will turn around before taking off your pants and underwear. And then you’ll put those red panties on and be the proud submissive cuckold you are.”


Cuckolds Always Look Good in Red


I froze in position and for a few seconds there was nothing but silence. Then I heard a little snort and saw Kay’s body quivering, she was trying to stifle a laugh. “Panties or garage,” DD almost barked at me as my wife appeared to be biting her tongue to stop herself from laughing out loud. I still didn’t move, my brain overloaded. DD whispered something in Kay’s ear and then my wife spoke for the first time. “Turn around and put on my panties. You always look good in red,” and this time she couldn’t stop her laugh, but at least it was brief.

Continuing the avalanche this night had become, I did as instructed. With my back to them, I took off my pants and underwear, withdrew the red panties from my pants pocket, and wiggling to get them up over my thighs and hips completed my assigned task. I expected some response but was only greeted by silence. After a few seconds, I looked back over my shoulder to see my wife lying back on our couch and DD standing over her tossing the back cushions onto the floor.

I turned fully around but stood still and mute as I watched DD lower her naked body over my wife’s, supporting herself with one knee on the couch and one foot on the floor, and one arm holding her upper body above Kay’s. Their lips meeting and for the first time, I saw Kay be anything but a passive participant. She caressed, then groped DD’s breasts. Then while one hand kept up her exploration of her lover’s breasts, the other ran down her side, cupped an ass cheek quickly, then pushed around the hip, pushing to get between DD’s legs.


This Cuckold Power Dynamic Had Control of Me


My wife broke the kiss and lowered he head, kissing down DD’s neck to her chest. DD leaned forward, bringing her chest up to Kay’s head. “There you go, Baby,” I heard DD whisper, “enjoy!” And my wife’s mouth kissed, licked and sucked back and forth from one of DD’s breasts to the other. (And yes, for some reason in my mind when I thought of Kay, they were her “tits,” and when I thought of DD, they were her “breasts.” This power dynamic had control of me.)

After a few minutes of kissing and groping, DD silently urged Kay down the sofa a bit until her head was away from the armrest. Then DD moved up until she was on her knees hovering over Kay’s chest, all the while stroking my wife’s neck, cheeks and hair. Then grasping Kay’s hair lightly, DD moved until she was hovering over Kay’s face, her pussy just inches above my wife’s face. She held there, still. Then I saw Kay begin to quiver and noticed her toes point, and she whimpered, “Please, don’t tease me, please.”


You’ve Earned Your Treat


“Yes, Pet,” DD responded, “you’ve earned your treat.” She released her hold on Kay’s hair, and Kay immediately raised her head off the sofa, her tongue out aiming for her “treat.” As my wife’s face met her dominant lover’s pussy DD turned her head towards me. With an “I told you so” grin on her face she began to rotate her hips a little as she rode my wife’s face back down to the sofa. Keeping her eyes locked with mine, she said “Yes, Pet, just like that. You do this so much better than you did at first.

You’ve become a first-class pussy licker. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go long without eating pussy ever again.” Any lingering thoughts that I first became a cuckold that night vanished, obviously DD had conquered my wife and put horns on my head sometime before that night.


To be continued in part seven…



Well, What Do You Think So Far, My Sexy Perverts?


What do you think is going to happen next to our cuckold husband?   As always, I think I might know, but I’ll keep it to myself for now – at least until the end of the series!

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