Even more great cuckold news, my sexy perverts! This week my Fun Femdom Fantasies Blog features part seven of guest writer Rex’s story about being cuckolded by a lesbian

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I hope you enjoy reading more about how the rest of the night turned out!


A Cuckold Show of Dominance


The performance at the club had been one act of DD’s show of her dominance. Act II had been this little discourse on my wife’s skills at cunnilingus. The next act started now. Without breaking contact with Kay’s worshipping mouth, DD reached back and worked a finger into my wife’s very ready pussy (the sounds gave it away, as did Kay spreading her legs to give easier access). Over the next 10 minutes or so DD would work her fingers in and out of Kay in varying rhythms, but occasionally pulling her fingers away and hovering them over Kay.

When this happened my wife’s body would jerk and she’d thrust her hips upwards, trying to find the fingers she so desperately wanted back inside her. With fingers back in place, her hips would fall back to the sofa, her legs spread wide. A minute or so later DD would raise her hips up, rising off of Kay’s face, and as with the other end of her body, my wife’s face would rise up off the sofa, following her prize, her tongue flicking in the air trying to reach what she wanted, accompanied by a desperate whimper until DD lowered herself back onto Kay’s hungry mouth.

DD had made her points to me. My wife wasn’t being used, my wife wanted this. I was truly a cuckold, but now she was proving that she was in total control. I had a choice, accept it or leave. If there was ever a time I could have stopped it, that was long gone. They were going to do what they were going to do no matter what I did, I only controlled my own actions and reactions. As I thought about this, reflecting on cuckold porn I’d read and watched, comparing them to my current reality, DD’s voice caught me by surprise.


Here Comes Your Reward!


“Now, slut, suck that clit like I taught you. Do it, do it good, yes, yessss, YESSSS here comes your reward – take my cummmmMMMMMMM.” With that DD’s whole body spasmed, relaxed, spasmed, relaxed, and then quivered as she sank her weight down onto Kay’s face.

I was worried about my wife’s ability to breathe, but DD eventually rose up off the couch, bringing another whimper from Kay who apparently didn’t want contact to end. Without a word DD took a couple of steps to reach her gym bag that I hadn’t noticed was on the coffee table. I did notice that my wife’s fingers had replaced DD’s – apparently Kay wasn’t ready for things to end. I’ve seen strap-ons in porn, but this was my first time to actually see one. It was not new to DD as she stepped into it efficiently and in no time was sporting a hard penis larger than my own. And Kay didn’t seem surprised to see DD putting it on, in fact, her only verbal reaction was, “Oh, goody!”

Offering Kay a hand up, they turned and started out of the living room heading towards the hall and our bedroom. Glancing back at me, DD beckoned me to follow them with the gesture of a single finger. I mindlessly fell in line behind them. Upon reaching the door to our bedroom, they stopped and kissed tenderly. I stopped a few feet away, again lost in some kind of “subspace.”


The Cuckold Couldn’t Come Into the Bedroom With Them


They broke the kiss and DD looked at me and told me that the visual part of my evening’s entertainment was over, I couldn’t come into the bedroom with them. But, she added, the audio portion would continue, I was welcome to stay out here in the hall and listen. I could stand or sit on the floor, or even go bring a chair or a pillow if I wanted, but I could NOT enter the bedroom. And I could not remove the panties until she told me I could. I could rub myself through the panties, I could reach inside them, I could “even hump the carpet” if I wanted, but if I made myself cum it better be in the panties. I nodded my understanding, for some deep-seated reason willing to follow her orders.

And that is what I did (well, not the humping part). I started standing, and then leaning, eventually went to the living room and grabbed one of the sofa cushions that had been left on the floor, using it as first something soft to sit on, then as support to my head as I lay on the hall floor. But mostly I listened, and mostly I played with myself.

What I heard over the next 20 minutes or so was in many ways similar to the sounds I’d heard Kay make before during good sex, the whimpers, moans, and happy sounds of a woman being pleasured. What I hadn’t heard before were dominant comments and commands from Kay’s partner, I was never that dominant or aggressive in our sex life (from what you know about me now, that surely doesn’t surprise anyone reading this).


To be continued in part seven…



Well, What Do You Think So Far, My Sexy Perverts?


What do you think is going to happen next to our cuckold husband?   As always, I think I might know, but I’ll keep it to myself for now – at least until the end of the series!

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