I have more great cuckold news for you, my sexy perverts! But also some sad news. Today we have part eight of guest writer Rex’s story about being cuckolded by a lesbian.  But it is also the last part.  That’s right – the final chapter of the saga.  

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I hope you enjoy reading the conclusion!


Oh, the Cuckold Sounds I Heard!


I heard the slurping sounds of oral sex. I heard the rustling sounds of bodies changing positions.  And I heard the rhythmic skin slapping of the type of fucking Kay loves. I heard all of this, but they didn’t register as strongly as the bits and pieces of dialogue I could catch.  DD speaking firmly, Kay responding with the nearly breathless sounds, responses, and requests of a person lost in lust and building pleasure.

DD’s words (and Kay’s responses), as best I remember, included “You like my cock, don’t you Baby?” (Yes, sooo much). “Bigger than what you’re used to?” (So much bigger). “That’s it my little slut, get ready to cum on my big cock!” (Oh godddd, yes, I’m gonna ….). “That’s it, give it up, this time let the cuckold hear you cum for me!” (Yes, hear that Alan, hear what she’s doing to … doing to your … doing, ohhhh fuck, ohhhhh AYYYYYYYY)

I was on my back on the hall floor, my hand now moving up and down over my pantie-covered cock. And like we’ve done only very rarely, my wife and I achieved mutual orgasms. Hers sounded strong, mine left my legs quivering and drool running down my chin – and the panties sticky.


I Wanted to Defend Myself, But There Was Nothing I Could Say


I didn’t move, and don’t know if I could have spoken if I had wanted to. And I could, however, still hear, and what I heard was this exchange: “You really are a great little fuck, Kay.” (I like sex, always have, but I never knew it could be this good). “That’s because you are submissive, Pet, and you need someone to take control and command. A submissive cuckold husband can’t do that.” (True, unfortunately, but he let me do this with you, and he really is a good man, I do love him dearly and …). “Of course you do, you need your marriage and home and love, but now you know you also need to be dominated and fucked like the submissive slut you really want to be. This is the 21st century, you really can have it all, a home, a husband, a job, and a Mistress to fuck you!” (mmmmm, sounds perfect.)

I wanted to yell out some response and defend myself, but a quick assessment of the situation made me realize there was nothing I could say as a reasonable contradiction to what I’d heard them say. I was lying outside my own bedroom wearing cum stained panties, and I was a cuckold. No matter what happens going forward, I will always be a cuckold.


Wake Up, Cuckie!


Soon I heard some more sounds from the bedroom, but I lost track and fell into a deep sleep, mentally and psychologically exhausted. I awoke sometime later to DD’s boot-clad foot nudging my hip. “Wake up, cuckie” she almost cooed. “I’m finished here, I think you got your fantasy fulfillment in spades. Hand wash those panties, I think you’re going to be wearing them again sometime, Kay likes the way they look on you.”

That’s my story, at least the sex part. As an epilogue, know that in reality Kay and DD had only been cuckolding me for a few days before the big Friday night show. Turns out DD had bet her that I was a willing cuckold, and she could prove it. Seems bets like that are her thing. And once she wins, she moves on.


Soon the Cuckold Gossip Would Die Down


As my wife explained it to me, around the office they could laugh off the public Friday night show as a grand joke on me, fueled by too much alcohol. They would steer clear of each other both in and out of work and the gossip would die down. Kay would still be my loving wife, and DD would still be the lone hunting dominant lesbian everyone knew and marveled at.

Things would appear to go back to normal. They would appear so to outsiders, but as my loving wife told me later that day, she had learned two “interesting” facts. One, though she loved our life together, she also liked being submissive, really liked it, and would have “to let it come out again sometime.” Not always, not a regular thing, but I should be aware and observant, and prepared. Second, “You like being a cuckold. Alan, you will be in panties again soon!”



Well, What Do You Think, My Sexy Perverts?


What do you think of the conclusion to what happened to our cuckold husband?   I am so glad to know how it all ended up, but I have to admit that I’m a little sad that we’ve reached the final chapter.  

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