Pass the Penis


Hello, my Sexy Perverts! As you may know, one of our sites of the month for December is Pass the Penis.  This site is all about cock control, tease & denial, masturbation, and edging controlled by a group of your favorite Mistresses – one after the other giving you their sexiest masturbation instructions.  And if you have a specific kink that excites you, we’ll include that too!

Each lady you talk to will push you closer and closer to orgasm, stopping just short of allowing you to cum.  If you’re very good and do everything we tell you to do, the last Mistress you speak with will hopefully give you the permission for which you will undoubtedly be desperate by the end of the call.


Pass the Penis – A Very Special Gift For You!


Even better, you can choose both the number of Mistresses and the time you spend with each of them.  Our lovely dispatchers are always happy to help you set up the perfect Pass the Penis scenario.  And you can select the ladies you spend time with yourself or your dispatcher can surprise you by choosing them for you.

The best part, though, is that as part of our Horny for the Holidays promotions, we have a Pass the Penis special going on for the whole month of December!  You can play an hour-long Pass the Penis (or Pass the Sissy too) where you pay for 5 ladies and get the 6th one (up to 10 minutes) free!  All the details can be found on our Horny For the Holidays December Specials page.Mistress Roxie - Pass the Penis - (800) 601-6975

**Please note: This applies to dispatched calls only and is limited to one Horny for the Holidays Offer per day per caller**


A Sexy Pass the Penis Fantasy



I’ve been thinking about our fun little game of Pass the Penis and it occurred to me that it might be fun to imagine what it would be like to play it in person.  Maybe instead of calling up our dispatchers, you instead check in with the hostess of a mysterious sex club and give her the password that allows you to enter and join our sexy masturbation adventure.  What is the password?  It’s “Pass the Penis,” of course, silly!

Your sexy hostess then leads you to a closed door and tells you to knock and await further instructions.  So, you knock on the door and wait as you were told to do.  Good job obeying our instructions, so far!  Soon, the door opens and your first of six Mistresses introduces herself as Ms. Roxie and invites you inside. Mistress Roxie - Pass the Penis - (800) 601-6975

You notice that Ms Roxie has long wavy red hair and that red lip, classic look that never goes out of style. She is wearing knee-high, high-heeled black leather boots, a tight black mini-skirt, and a black corset. After allowing you a moment to take in her perfectly sexy and dominant look, she directs you to undress.  “That means everything – I want you completely naked,” she said.  Then your Mistress leads you to the bed, instructs you to lie back, and quickly buckles your wrists and ankles into soft black leather restraint cuffs.


Simple (But Maddening) Pass the Penis Rules


Once you are snugly secured, Ms Roxie reminds you of the simple rules.  She explains, “You will be visited by six different Mistresses during your Pass the Penis session starting with me.  You will follow all of our instructions, you may not touch yourself at all (not that you could since you are restrained) and most importantly, you are NOT allowed to cum until you are given permission.  Your last Mistress may or may not grant you this permission, depending on your obedience and your attitude.”

Immediately after finishing her instructions, Ms. Roxie starts by lightly running her fingertips up and down your neck and shoulders, eventually moving down to your chest and nipples and then to your stomach.  She then skips down to your thighs while ignoring your cock for now.  You start to moan as it goes from semi to completely hard.


A Few Agonizing Minutes


After what seems like an eternity (but is actually only a few agonizing minutes), Ms. Roxie finally starts very lightly running her fingertips up and down your aching erection and this frustrates you more than you could ever imagine.  You think that you can’t take her teasing touch any longer, but there is nothing you can do about it since you are unable to move (and because you are a good, obedient submissive, as well…)

Finally, she wraps her hand around your shaft and begins to stroke you for real. You very quickly get dangerously close to the edge and you worry that you are going to have an orgasm way too soon and without permission.  But, before you can say anything Ms Roxie senses this and removes her hand, leaving your needy cock bouncing helplessly in the air.

She then smiles, turns around and walks away from you when you hear the door open and you see your second Mistress walking toward you with an evil glint in her eye.  As Ms Roxie leaves, she laughs and says “Good luck making it through the next five Mistresses – they’re not nearly as nice as I am!


What Did You Think?


So, my sexy perverts – does all of this sound as fun to you as it does to me?  Are you ready for your own Pass the Penis adventure with the Mistresses of LDW and me?  Just give our dispatchers a call at 800-601-6975 and they’ll take it from there.  And do let me know what you think in the comments below as well!

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