More Sexual Fantasy Confessions


Hello again, my Sexy Perverts!  In honor of our site of the month, Vox Erotic, I’ve been continuing to think about the sexual fantasies, the erotic confessions, and the kinky secrets that you share with me.  And today I have part two of my favorite sexual fantasy confessions.  If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here:  My Favorite Sexual Fantasy Confessions – Part One


You Want to Feel Pretty


You want to find your feminine side and you fantasize about cross-dressing or even being a sissy girl.  A lot of you have done a little on your own and have a few pairs of panties or some makeup already.  And some of you have even worn your panties under your “man clothes” every day.

But you can only get so far with this sexual fantasy confession on your own and you need a Mistress like me to guide you further toward looking and feeling like a lady.  You may not know what your next steps should be, so it’s good that I’m here to help you! And if you want a little humiliation with your feminization, I’m here for that too!


Sexual Fantasy Confessions About Controlling Your Cock


A lot of you really need a dominant woman such as myself to take control of your cock. There could be many reasons why you want to give up control of something that brings you so much pleasure but all of you need me to own your cock and your orgasms.  Turning over the decision of when you get to touch and when you get to cum might seem scary at first but you nearly always end up craving the feeling of submission it gives you.

Soon, masturbation and orgasms on your own just don’t feel as satisfying as they used to.  You love being in the state of anticipating orgasm but never knowing when or if I will allow it.  Eventually, your balls constantly ache for release and you are grateful for it.


Sexual Fantasy Confessions About My Strap-on


A lot of you tell me about sexual fantasy confessions where you are curious about what it would be like to be pegged by a beautiful mistress. It could be because you’re bi-curious, you want to feel feminine or submissive, you’re attracted to the humiliation aspect of it or you just crave the feeling of being penetrated.

In any case, you always end up in the perfect position – on your hands and knees in front of me with my strap-on right at your entrance. Soon your satisfied moans will tell me that you are enjoying every inch of it and you will be begging me for more.  Then I might have you on your back or riding my girl cock.  Either way, I’ll be totally in control.


You Want to Feel Humiliated


Even though it doesn’t seem that “real men” would have sexual fantasy confessions about wanting women to humiliate them, tease them, or laugh at them, a lot of you want exactly that.  Somehow, it really turns you on and it makes your cock rock hard even thinking about it.  In fact, all of the fantasies I’ve talked about here often have humiliation as an aspect of it.  Most commonly, you like to be humiliated about your cock size or the fact that you are a sissy.  But really, there seems to be no end to the things that you want to be humiliated about.  Why do men like to be humiliated so much?  I have no idea – but a lot of you really do!


What Did You Think?


So, my sexy perverts – What did you think about my favorite sexual fantasy confessions? What are your favorites?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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